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Useful Resources

Websites: (most have links to other resources)

CT Botanical Society –

CT Horticulture

Federated Garden Clubs of CT

National Garden Clubs –

Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group


New England Wildflower Society –

New York Botanical Garden –

Pest Resources On Line for New England


U.S. National Arboretum –

UConn Plant Database –

American Hemerocallis Society(day lily) Helen Nordvall. ​ (judge)


The Connecticut Federation NEWS is available online.

To subscribe: log on to

​User name:  fgcct

​Password:    mountainlaurel

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Handbook for Flower Shows, revised 2017 

Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs, Michael Dirr 

The Well Tended Perennial Garden, Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Perennial All Stars, Jeff Cox

Botany for Gardeners (1), Brian Capon

Stewards of the Land (2), Alaimo, DeVeer & Carpender

Horticulture Handbook (3), Federated Garden Clubs of MN

Hortulana (3), Garden Club of Ohio – The 21st Century Edition

(1) Textbook for Gardening School

(2) Textbook for Landscape Design School

(3) Textbook for Flower Show School




With Colleen's permission we list here the ingredients for her deer repellent that many of us gardeners have found very successful in discouraging deer dining in our gardens.

Colleen's Deer Repellent;

2 Gallons of water

4 eggs, beaten

1/2 Cup Wilt-stop

1/2 Cup very hot tabasco sauce

Mix ingredients and let sit for 24 hours to ripen. Pour into a dish detergent bottle to spritx leaves of plants that are prone to deer food. This liquid is too thick to go in any sprayer. Spritx when no rain is predicted so solution can dry. Will not smell after drying. Respray within a month or as you see deer nibbling. You can divide the recipe in half if you do not have a 2 gallon container to use for mixing.

New England Native Plant Nurseries

Margery Winters spoke to us on “Going Native” and supplied us with a list of Garden Centers that carry in their inventory plants native to our locality. What is important to know “native to what area, here, the south....where”?


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