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Club Projects

Osborne Homestead Museum

For the fourth year, an enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers is participating in the Holiday Showcase at the historic Osborne Homestead Museum.  Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Osborne is decked out for the Holidays every year. Rooms are randomly assigned to civic groups that decorate each one according to a selected seasonal theme


Book Donations to Schools and Libraries

Each year the LHGC donates books to the six elementary schools and also to the two libraries in Trumbull.  The selected books are based upon many topics such as gardening, flowers, plants, the environment, and insects or animals.  Many times the selected books follow the club’s  theme for the year.


 Indoor Plants ~ Trumbull Library - 1985 to Present

All of the indoor plants at the Trumbull Library are donated and maintained by the club.  The plants enhance the library for patrons and staff alike.


Healing Therapy and Senior Gardening – Wesley Heights

Garden Therapy is the application of garden related activities as an aid to the recovery and rehabilitation of challenged individuals.  During our club year we meet monthly with 10 residents of Wesley Heights to conduct various horticulture and floral-related activities . 

Healing Therapy and Gardening – ELITE

The Garden Therapy “ELITE” program works with students in the Trumbull school system “Educating Learners in Transitional Environments” about gardening. ELITE  is a vocation experience with an average of 26 students ages 18-21.

It fosters function academics and independent, community access, leisure, employability and socialization skills. Students have specific disabilities including: autism spectrum disorder, intellectual or learning disabilities or traumatic brain injury.


Nature Nook at the Library -  2017 to present

A corner in the children’s room of the library has been turned into the “  Nook” – an area designed to interest and instruct children in gardening and the natural world,  An educational display is created each month with related activity sheets. The general topic changes quarterly. Special projects in the Nook have included raising Monarch Butterflies and Leopard frog tadpoles.


Horticulture – 2017 to present

Horticulture refers to the cultivation of all manner of plants. Members are encouraged to provide Horticulture exhibits to be displayed at general meetings; plus the organization of demonstrations, workshops and field trips.  Members are encouraged to attend schools offered by  the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut and to submit horticulture exhibits at the Connecticut Flower Show in Hartford


Beardsley Zoo Passes

Each year the Long Hill Garden Club purchases passes to the Beardsley Zoological Gardens. These passes are donated to the Trumbull Library and may  be checked out by town residents like books.


Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness is an altruistic project based on a global imitative with the goal of making strangers happy with flowers. Club members create small bouquets, wrap in cellophane, tie with colorful ribbons and attach a tag reading  “A small bouquet to brighten your day! Compliments of the Long Hill Garden Club.”  The bouquets are then distributed throughout Trumbull and the surrounding communities to unsuspecting individuals.

Programs for the Public

Seven educational programs are planned for our monthly meetings which are open to the public. 

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