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Artistic Design and Horticulture




You may be wondering, 'Why do we take the time to exhibit and judge designs and horticulture at club meetings?' We're glad that you asked! Two reasons for exhibiting at club meetings are to show that we grow things and that we can make creative and attractive designs. After all, that's one of the reasons that we  joined the club- to learn to GROW.


At most club meetings we have a schedule  for designs and horticulture exhibits. The LHGC yearbook contains the monthly schedule. Each member is encouraged to bring exhibits and earn points.


The FGCC (Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc.) offers a four-course series called "Flower Show School" which teaches how to grow plants better and arrange flowers well in addition to showing and judging them.  It's a great way to learn more about these subjects.


We hope the attached pages encourage you to show other club members your creativity and green thumbs. Come GROW with us!


Design Exhibits


Flower arranging is defined (in the Handbook for Flower Shows published by the National Garden Clubs, Inc.) as the art of organizing the Elements of Design of plant materials and other components, according to the Principles of Design, to attain beauty, harmony, distinction and expression.


The Elements of Design are the visual characteristics of the components of a design (most simply the plant material and container): light, space, line, form, size, pattern, texture, and color. The Principles of Design are balance, proportion , rhythm, contrast, dominance and scale.  As the Elements of Design are the tangible ingredients of a design and most of us already have an understanding of them, we will not further define these terms here. The Principles of Design are the intangible basic art standards that are common to all visual art forms.  As such, they are less understood and defined below.


Designs do not have to be large and expensive.  Flowers, branches and leaves can be cut from your yard or purchased. Cutflowers from  the supermarket can be supplemented with greens from the yard. You can dry flowers and seed pods in the summer to use in winter designs.  Vegetables can be used for color and form.  The only limit is your creativity.


The LHGC yearbook lists the design title and requirement for each monthly meeting. Complete an exhibit form (found in the LHGC yearbook), then write your name on the back of the card.

Artistic Design and Horticulture Policy



  • Descriptions for the design and horticulture exhibits for each month can be found in your yearbook.

  • Members are limited to one exhibit for artistic design and one for horticulture per meeting.

  • Refer to Guidelines for Exhibiting & Judging at LHGC Meetings in your yearbook, a helpful guide written & illustrated by LHGC member & National Council Master Judge, Terry Stoleson.

  • Refer to Handbook for Flower Shows – Growing& Designing Staging a& Exhibiting Judging – National Garden Club, Inc.


  • Have your exhibit in place by 11:30 before the meeting begins.

  • Use the tables on the right side of the room or where designated.

  • Exhibit entry forms are included in your yearbook, and extras will be available at meetings.

  • Include your name, date and description of design.


  • Given by authorized LHGC members  (only for designers who wish to be critiqued)  

  • Take place after the meeting at 2:00pm


  • One point for participation will be given for each of the following:

  • Exhibit at a monthly meeting

  • Centerpiece for the Holiday Party

  • Floral design provided by a meeting hostess for the refreshment table

  • Awards are presented at the installation luncheon to those achieving the most points in Design and/or Horticulture.

Artistic Design

  • The exhibitor need not grow flowers and other materials.

  • The exhibitor must make all designs.


  • Cut specimens should be exhibited in water in clear glass containers that are in proportion to the specimen.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be exhibited on a white paper plate.

  • Any unusual horticulture exhibit can be brought in anytime.


The opportunity to exhibit is open to all members!

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