2020 Garden Tour  


The 2020 Garden tour is suspended due to concern for our members health and safety during the COVID-19 Virus epidemic. 



Highlights from our 2019 Garden Tour

Enjoy three unique, beautiful gardens from club members. 

Guests are charged a $10 fee.  

Garden #1 

Theme Gardens

The area was historically farmland, with apple, peach and black walnut trees. Now, two black walnut trees on the property stand 90 feet tall. After years in the home, the homeowners started to develop theme gardens every year. Focal points include a weeping cherry, a Norway spruce and a Japanese lace-leaf maple. Perennial beds include Blue Star & rug junipers, golden cypress, crimson barberry, azaleas, rhododendrons & hollies. There is also a backyard rock garden. Other gardens include  fountain grass, hostas, candytuft, drift roses and cone flowers. The centerpiece is an arbor for climbing pink and white roses and clematis, as well as climbing hydrangea and obelisk in the back area. It includes peonies, coreopsis, Shasta daisies, asters and numerous perennials, potted plants and day lilies from the Olaly Farm in Vermont. 

Garden #2 

Woodland & Japanese Gardens

The home is set on a one acre lot, with more than a half-acre of gardens that were planted after woodland was cleared and thinned out. As time went on, lampposts, a meandering gravel path, benches, and garden ornaments were installed and the addition of many birdhouses and feeders created a sanctuary for birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. A fountain, bronze sculpture, and an arbor were centrally located. A separate Japanese garden, created when excavation work for septic repair cleared a large rectangular space, was outfitted with a traditional red Torii gate, Buddha statues, metal birds, a shrine, a faux river, concrete lanterns, and more bamboo.  The perimeter of the main garden is surrounded by an original Connecticut stonewall. One of the favorite specimens is an architecturally-shaped tall weeping beech tree. Deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees include several Japanese maple, shagbark hickory, oak, magnolia, Kousa dogwoods, hibiscus rose-of-sharons, hinoki cypress, hollywood juniper, yew, mountain laurel, barberry, boxwood, mugo pine, holly, juniper, elderberry, and a rear bamboo grove. Other plants that flower seasonally are azaleas, spirea, alliums, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea, rhododendron, phlox, roses, ornamental grasses, hellebores, asters, both large and small hostas, lilies, clematis, and joe-pye weed. Ground covers include creeping lamium, pachysandra, ajuga, sedum, and bishop’s weed. Ferns thrive in the mostly shaded areas.


Garden #3

Flowers, Veggies, Trees & Trains, Oh My! 

After the hurricane in 2011, the homeowners worked with a landscaper from Hilltop Gardens and added many trees and plants to their garden.  A tiny brook also runs across the back of the property. In the following years, more trees were added as a border to one side of the property, and others interspersed throughout the yard. In 2017, a greenhouse was added adjacent to the shed. Two smaller perennial gardens were installed at the yard entrance of the greenhouse. The most unique feature of the gardens is an outdoor railroad that was added in the summer of 2017. By combining the two homeowners hobby of flowers and plants and love of model trains, their perfect garden layout was born!