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Long Hill Garden Club
Trumbull, CT

Founded and Federated 1941


The purpose of the Long Hill Garden Club is to encourage interest in all phases of gardening, the promotion of floral design, better horticultural practices, conservation of natural resources and interest in civic beauty.  We have over 90 members from area towns of Trumbull, Shelton, Monroe, Stratford, and Fairfield.




News and Events

Check out the new Meeting Schedule for 2021-2022 ​​

New meeting location: As of September 2021, LHGC general meetings will be held in the McClinch Center in the auditorium of St. Catherine of Siena Church, located at 220 Shelton Rd, Trumbull until the Community Room at the Trumbull Library reopens to the public.  The auditorium is located behind the church.

Plenty of parking is available.   

Out of respect for others, please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.  If you are vaccinated, the choice is yours. 

Members are asked to bring their own lunch and beverages to meetings due to COVID considerations. 

Save the Date !
LHGC Plant Sale - April 30, 2022 

Volunteers needed for the Hall Neighborhood Project !

  Long Hill Garden Club has partnered with the Trumbull Rotary Club to establish a raised vegetable garden at Hall Neighborhood  House in Bridgeport.  Hall is a diverse, vibrant and safe community center that provides programs and services for all ages in their neighborhood.

  Vegetables from the garden are used in lunches prepared for pre-school classes and the senior citizen program. They will also be used in cooking classes given at Hall by local chefs.  Gardening has become part of the pre-school education program; the children grew sunflowers in their classrooms and have planted a sunflower garden.  On Friday, the children helped harvest snap peas and jalapeno peppers. On Monday, the children ate the peas and the seniors ate the peppers!

   We are looking for a few more members to join the LHGC team and help with the gardens.  Can you do an occasional  ( not more than once a month...maybe less often) walk through the gardens to check for weeds, pests, harvest ready plants?

           Would you be interested in giving a brief beginning gardening class to the Hall team?  Interested in being on our team?  Contact Linda Rumsey or Ann Germano

Special Events

Field Trip
Oct 12, 2021 

Ballek's Garden Center, East Haddam at 11:30 AM.    We will be provided with a brief summary of their history followed by a 45 minute lecture on Houseplants and their Personalities.  You may bring a bagged lunch or snack if you'd like and Ballek's is happy to provide coffee and tea.  Social distancing will be followed and seating will be arranged in accordance with this.


The Garden Center is located in the center of the family owned farm that has been in the Ballek family since the 1660's. According to the Balleks', their stewardship of their land underlies their commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of nature through gardening.  Their farm was recently added to the Connecticut Farmland Trust so it will forever remain a CT farmland.

Please RSVP to Ginette Budd 

Garden Therapy


The Garden Therapy ELITE program works to educate students with intellectual or learning disabilities about gardening.  The Garden Therapy program at Stern Village is geared to senior citizens and offers various floral and horticulture related activities.

Conservation and Environment


The Conservation Committee seeks out projects to promote organic, native planting practices in our community as well as encouraging recycling and ecologically based programs.  Club members recently planted two certified Monarch Waystations in Trumbull. 

Random Acts of Kindness


Offering "A small bouquet to brighten your day," this altruistic project has one goal - to spread happiness and cheer!  Club members create small floral bouquets and give them to unsuspecting individuals in Trumbull and surrounding communities. 

Making A Difference

The Long Hill Garden Club is comprised of numerous members with unique skills and experiences who seek to work together to educate, conserve and share to improve our homes and community.  Here are a few of the ways club members share their gifts with others. 

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." 

Audrey Hepburn