Meetings from September through December 2017

September 25, 2017
11:00 am     The various committee chairs will be available to share exciting information 
                     about their actiities for the upcoming year.  Come and learn how you can
                     become involved!
11:30 am       Business Meeting 
12:00 noon    Gather, Greet and Eat at the Trumbull Library
                      Hostesses:  Cindy Roma-Daston, Jean Marie Montabana, Lois Hoyt
12:45 pm       "What's the Buzz?" Honey Bees and Hobby Beekeeping
                      (Guest Fee:  $10.00)
                      Presented by Ned Farrell, Beekeeper and Owner of the Bee Happy Company.
                      Enter the fascinating world of the honeybee and the exciting role of keeper
                      of these fun and mysterious little beings.  Pictures and real apiary equipment                            will help us understand the world of the honeybee and its value to us, as well as 
                      the role of the beekeeper, and how enjoyable it is to work with bees.
Design:           "Anything Goes"
                        Applying the design principles: 
                        balance, contrast, dominance, proportion, rhythm and scale,
                        create a design of your choice.
                        Class A - Aster/Chrysanthemum
                        Class B - Herb
                        Class C - Vegetable
                        Class D - Any other Flower
Library Plant Maintenance:  Shirley Mayo

October 30, 2017

11:30 am       Business Meeting 
12:00 noon    Gather, Greet and Eat at the Trumbull Library
                      Hostesses:  Kathy Downs, Evelyn Montagnino, Janet Speiser, Donna Seidell 

12:45 pm       "Butterflies and their Gardens"
                      (Guest Fee:  $10.00)
                      Presented by John Himmelman, uthor, illustrator, naturalist and

                      popular lecturer on his favorite subject - buttereflies.
                      John's popular presentation answers many of the questions that are asked about
                      the lives and preferences of the fascinating butterflies.  Topics to be addressed
                      are:  buttrfly families and species, life cycles, finding butterflies and creating
                      butterfly habitats.

Design:           "A Chorus Line"
                        A parallel design. 

                        (Page 75 of the new Handbook for Flower Shows will be made available.)

                        Class A - Vegetable

                        Class B - Fruit
                        Class C - Gourd/Ornamental Vegetable
                        Class D - Dried or Ornamental Flower

Library Plant Maintenance:  Marlene Veno

November 24 - December 17  Osborne Homestead Museum Tours
Location:  500 Hawthorne Avenue, Derby, CT
Hours:       Thursday through Sunday - 10 am - 4 pm
Twilight Tours:  Fridays -- December 1, 8, and 15 -- 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Theme:  "A Holiday at the Opera"

December 4, 2017
Holiday Luncheon "A Touch of Elegance"
                                11:30 am at the Trumbull Library
​                                Chairperson:  Linda Kentosh
                                Tickets ($   ) will be available at the October and November meetings.
                                 We will gather to celebrate the season with our gardening friends
                                   and enjoy a silent auction in the spirit of this holiday time.
Library Plant Maintenance:  Carol Konopka

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