Horticulture Exhibits and Rules

Horticulture Policy

• Descriptions for the horticulture exhibits for each month can be found in your yearbook.
• Members are limited to one exhibit for artistic design & one for horticulture per meeting. 
• Refer to Guidelines for Exhibiting & Judging at LHGC Meetings in your yearbook, a helpful guide written & illustrated by LHGC member & National Garden Club Master Judge, Terry Stoleson.
• Refer to Handbook for Flower Shows – Growing & Designing Staging & Exhibiting Judging – National Garden Club, Inc.

• Have your exhibit in place by 11:30 before the meeting begins. 
• Use the tables on the right side of the room.
• Exhibit entry forms are included in your yearbook, and extras will be available at meetings.
• Include your name, date, Class and horticulture name

Monthly Horticulture Reports
•Linda Dolega-Rumsey, Horticulture Chairman, gives a horticulture report at each meeting.
See Monthly meeting page for specific requirements for that month's horticutlure exhibits.