|The Long Hill Garden Club of Trumbull was organized, in March of 1941, by a group of women from Trumbull, Monroe, and Stepney, Connecticut. Their purpose was to encourage victory gardens. They held meetings at the General Electric Institute where they learned methods of canning and dehydrating food. Initially they used their funds to buy items for several war relief groups as well as the Trumbull Air Warden.
     |The Federated Garden Clubs of America, which they joined in October of 1941, urged all the clubs to establish Blue Star Highways as a Living Memorial to war heroes. The Long Hill Garden Club sponsored a dogwood trail and organized fund raisers in Trumbull for the trees . They planted the dogwoods along state highways, town roads, at schools, churches and at the Town Hall, where these trees are still enjoyed.
     |Since then the Long Hill Garden Club started a program of plantings at intersections in Trumbull and at entry areas to Trumbull. They planted shrubbery, trees and bulbs at Stern Village (a senior citizen community), at the new Police Station, the Town Hall and at the Library. We maintained these plantings for many years.

     |In 1965, Rose Aldo, a past president of Long Hill Garden Club, donated 9 acres of land to the town of Trumbull, which became Aldo Park. We maintained the garden there as a living memorial to our deceased members, until 2007, when access to the park became difficult. In 1987 we built an Herb Garden and maintained and improved the plantings at the newly renovated original Town Hall, now called The Helen Plumb Building, until 2012, when the Trails to Trails program needed access to our area.

     |We also maintain the plants inside the Library that were donated by the club. We plan our yearly meetings so that the public may attend and benefit from the fellowship and the information given at the meetings by our members and lecturers. The Long Hill Garden Club through its education programs, Conservation Projects and local projects strives to continue to serve the community.
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