Long Hill Garden Club of Trumbull, Connecticut

             Meetings from May through July 2018 


​May 5, 2018 
Annual Plant Sale
8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Whether you bring plants to a Plant Prep Day (April 3 and 13) or to the Plant Sale, please label them with
                     plant name (common and scientific)
                     growing conditions (sun or shade)
                     plant features:  height, blom time, color of bloom
Note:  At every potting session, plants ae available for purchase after they are priced.

12:00 noon    Gather, Greet and Eat at the Trumbull Library
                      Hostesses:  Cheryl Basztura, Marilyn Burkhart, Virginia Evitts, Helen Nordval

12:45 pm       "Blended Gardens -
- an Education in Organic Gardening"
                      (Guest Fee:  $10.00)
                      Presented by Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, owner of Natureworks, Northford, CT

                      Nancy, the owner of Natureworks, is focused on organic gardening and

                      providing a naturalistic appearance to landscapes.  Her organic and ecologically
                      friendly products and services are committed to education in all they do.  Nancy
                      beautifies landscapes with colorful, crative designs and cuttinng-edge materials.
Design:           "An artistic craft, wearable apparel -- i. e. hat  (Page 95  of the new Handbook

                       for Flower Shows will be made available.

                        Class A - Early Blooming Bulb

                        Class B - Orchid
                        Class C - Forced Branch

                        Class D - Any other flowering houseplant
​Library Plant Maintenance:  Janet Speiser

April 23, 2018

11:30 am       Business Meeting 

12:00 noon    Gather, Greet and Eat at the Trumbull Library
                      Hostesses:  Arlene D'Agosto, Mary Song, Ann Roma, Barbara Treadwell

12:45 pm       "The Wonderful World of Suculents"
                      Presented by Meg Barnes, our very own club member, Master Gardener

                      Landscape Designer and Horticulture specialist

                      Meg is well-known to us as a talented member of the Long Hill Garden Club. 
                      Today she will present a program on the popular subject of succulents.  Meg
                      will identify the plants with background and growing conditions.  She will
                      describe uses in fairy gardens, wall hangings, miniature plantings, favors and
                      house plants.  Enjoy and appreciate the world of these amaing plants.

Design:           "Moulin Rouge" - A hanging design (Page 93 of the new

                        Handbook for Flower Shows will be made available.
                        Class A - Amaryllis
                        Class B - Daffodil
                        Class C - Forsythia

                        Class D - Any other flowering tree or shrub
​Library Plant Maintenance:  Sandy Machia

May 5, 2018
Annual Plant Sale- 8:30 to Noon at the Trumbull Library

May , 2018 
11:30 Annual Luncheon 

June , 2018 
9:30 Garden Tour

July , 2018
9:30 Member Plant Exchange